Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I wish I was a teckie!!!

I'm trying to put up a banner!! LOL Bear with me!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Micky and Duster

I just had to do a post about my sweet Darling Puppy. His name is Micky and he's the joy in my every day life!!! He's 5.5 yrs old, and is a Taco Dog! (Part Long hair Chihuahua, part Mini fox Terrier!! Quite the combo eh? I have a friend who has a little dog too, Duster. We don't mind going away now to places where we can't take Micky because he goes to Duster's for sleepovers and vice versa!!! They have so much fun together and it feels good to know they are happy when we have to be away!

Lancaster pennsylvania shopping with the Girls

What a trip, 6 days in Lancaster County Pa...with 7 other girls. we rented a house and shopped a lot! Five were from Ontario, One from New York and two from Australia!!! What a place .....if you ever get a chance to go there, DO!!!!!! Saw lots of quilts, and bought lots of fabric!!!

At Easter, we went down to Niagara to spend time with family. had a lovely day all together. I took the quilt down that I made as a commission for a friend of my sisters. The blocks were made by her Grandmother circa 1930. I pieced the blocks, added sashings, and cornerstones. I was very pleased how it turned out and I think Edna was too, she is giving it to her Granddaughter!!!

Been a Busy Spring

It's been a very busy spring here in Quilting Farmland. I went to a Quilting retreat in Morrisville, with nine other quilters. What a ball. I worked on a bunch of pillows with car pillowslips that I sell at car shows!

We had a great room to work in and we laughed a lot!!!! The food was fantastic, and the company even better!