Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Pics!

Just had to come back and tell you about a couple of things I've finished lately ! I seem to be so into the new modern "simple " type of quilts, here is one I finished a little while ago...and a picture of my Facebook Quilting Friends Quilt Block Swap, Blocks!!!

busy Day!

I spent the afternoon in the studio, trying to catch up on some little projects. Planning a trip in a week or two and I want to take some little gifts to take with me! If you saw the little drawstring bag in my last post, and are afraid of making can find a very easy tutorial here

Li Bode: The Easiest Bag!

I found this blog the other day and a super easy tutorial for a very easy bag.

Friday, January 29, 2010

I entered Jenny of Elefantz tea towel challenge, this is one of the things I came up with. Going back to my home town to visit in a couple weeks and thought I'd make some little gifts to take to friends and family. This will be one of them! A cute drawstring bag to fill with goodies!!!


I love fabric! Well let's face it, all quilters love fabric!!! I bought a few new pieces lately that I thought I'd like to show you! This red and white is called Whimsy by Michael Miller.
The photo doesn't do it justice!!! The print is huge. Can you think of what I can do with such a large print!!
The green is a japanese print.
The bird print is an Alexander Henry called Starling! I love it!! Then the two small prints are japanese fabrics and the an amzing color's totally primary bright colors and just gorgeous!!! I have an addiction, can you tell? LOL

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Good day!

Good Day!!!! this morning Hubby had to take a trip to the states to pick up a couple things, so I went with him, armed with 4 ...50% off coupons for JoAnn's fabrics!!! We both went in, so we could use them all and we got what was left on 4 bolts of Fabric for $2.00 a yard!! It's all for the chartity Quilting Group, I work with, got all primary colors in red, blue, green and yellow that basically read as solids!!! That seemed to be what we are in need of most!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bad Day!!!!

Did you ever have one of THOSE DAYS?????? It was my day to have my Quilting Group over, no problem, till at 11:00 a.m.......1.5 hrs before the girls arrival, I realized the furnace wasn't coming on!!!! Called to Hubby in his shop.... now Terry can fix a lot of things....but he said we'd have to call the technition!!!! Well I have allergies , so even though we have a big fireplace in the living room, I don't like fires!!!! In the mean time my cinnamon rolls were not rising cause it was so cold in the house!! Then, when we opened the fireplace to add another log, the smoke came into the living room (where we were sitting)...and the smoke alarm started going. Fun wow!!! The dog was freaking and I had to call Terry back in from the shop again!!!! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

facebook Quilting friends Quilt Block Swap!

Thought I'd put a little about our Facebook Quilting Friends Quilt Block Swap.

We are trading signed blocks. here's a little of the info!! It's mostly pics but these blocks will be made with white on white centers and 2 different batiks in the corners!! So much fun. I'm really looking forward to this swap!!!

Guild show and Tell

I went to our Guild, today, we had a stash sale, I sold some and bought some!!! LOL

Here are a few pictures from show and Tell!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Pincushion

I've wanted to make myself a new pincushion, for a long time, something large, that would hold my long corsage pins that I use on the Longarm ! Today I finally made one, it's large and isn't it cute? All I have to do now is make a velcro bracelet for it ...will make it easy to put a quilt on and off the frame!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Charity Quilting

Today was our charity Quilting day. We meet twice a month and do lots of our work from home. We make quilts for children in the County Childrens Aid Society. Here are a few of the Quilts we've made lately. It is such a rewarding endeavor!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

We are in the middle of renovations on the second floor. My DH installed about 500 square feet the far en of Bamboo flooring! We pulled out two walls and will be making a new walkin closet/dressing room! You can see bathroom, that will be renovated in the future. We did however pull out the huge Raspberry Whirlpool Tub!

I am lucky enough to have a gorgeous new studio to do my quilting . It was just built this summer by my talented husband. I thought I'd post a few pictures. This was the back of the garage, that I got!!!! Isn't it bright and beautiful going in? My DH is setting up my new to me HQ16 that I bought from Matt Sparrow!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Thanks to Jenny

Thanks so much to Jenny of Elefantz for helping me to learn more about putting boxes on my Blog. I'm a slow learner when it comes to this blogging thing!!! I so enjoyed doing her BOM last year of Shabby Roses and can't wait to get to this years..."Bouquet" She is just the most giving person!!!

I have been busy in the studio trying to catch up on my UFOs , here is one I got pieced yesterday! It is going to go to a Canadian soldier injured in war.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Shabby Roses from Jenny of Elefantz

These are some of the blocks I made from Jenny of Elefantz, free BOm of 2009. I can't wait to start on the 2010 BOM from jenny, she's an amazing designer and so willing to share.

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I September of 09 , I went to Tofino BC for the wedding of my sisters son, my nephew Nicholas. What an amazing man he heas become, I was there when he was born and it was wonderful to see him marry the love of his life, Kas, in such a beautiful place!
This is a collage I made of My Family for 2009!