Saturday, April 16, 2011

Have you ever done this????

I order fabric on line, have done for years. I can honestly say, I've never really had any problems! This time though ...oh boy, Did I screw up?????? I spent a week in Lancaster Pa at the beginning of last month and could have found the fabric there...but NO! Not me!!! I had to wait till I got home and order it online!!!!! It's the background fabric for my Pies and Tarts......since the quilt is scrappy polka dots...I thought I would get a white background with some kind of quiet dot on it! Good Plan eh??? Went to my favorite On Line shop....Over the Rainbow and Laura had Riley Blake fabric on special that I ordered Alpine Fabrics and Riley Blake Designs Rainy Days and Mondays 9100 Spots/white $7.99 /yard so I ordered 4 yards! Well I received it Friday and the fabric is wonderful, it is white and it does have dots and it has amazing large swirls allover, the only looks way too "Muddy" with my crisp polka dots!!!! Now this is totally my fault because many times I've checked with Laura at OTR first if I wasn't sure of a fabric, but NO, NOT ME!!! Geez!!!! Now what to do?? I have lots of kona cottoon white but I think it is a little too heavy for handpiecing a lot of little curves!!! I guess I'll have to head into my little town and get another 4 yards of something that will work!!! See, I want to print some of these Babies off, and have them all ready to go on a little Florida trip we're taking at the end of the week!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Promoting Again, Gotta Love It!!!

For those of you who know me, I'm always promotinng something or somebody!!! LOL Today it's Val from Indiana and Pink Please.
She's entered her quilt into This weekend's Virtual Quilt Contest at The Quilting Gallery . This week's theme is Scrap Quilts and Val's is Unbelievable!!!! Check this out!!!
You can call me Owl!
Please go and vote for it now and check out Val's blog for all the info on how to make a quilt like this!
Love your quilt Val, thanks for letting me post it here, and so nice to meet you.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My First Try at Inklingo

Well I've done it, finally started my first Inklingo project and I can tell you I LOVE it!!!!! It was so hard to decide which project to start with but I decided on the Pies and Tarts!!!! I'm only working on the pies and tarts so far, as the background fabric , I chose, I didn't like and am now waiting for the fabric I reordered to arrive. It's all hand piecing and I'm really enjoying it! You print the shapes sout on the computer copier and it includes, cutting lines, sewing lines and registration points! Can you just imagine that??? I don't know what project to do next, sunflowers or pickled clamshells?? What do you think???

There's lots of free stuff with Inklingo too, so if you're interested, go over and check it out! Inklingo

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Worst Blogger in the World!

Here it is before the final border went on the bottom and top. 
All three rows.
Was going to add the beige border but didn't think it worked. 
Yup, that's me!!! Well I finally got my French General quilt finished piecing, my wonderful friend offered to mark it for me, for quilting by hand! I will do a little on it, and a few friends are going to put stitches in it, but mostly it will be done by the lovely ladies at our local United Church! Can you believe there are still Church groups around that do quilting to make money for their churches? Amazing!

Well now that, that baby is pieced, and we have plans for a week in Florida, before I go to hospital for arthoscopic surgery on my knee on May 9th.........I figured I better get another hand piecing project planned ! So guess what...I took my first foray into Inklingo....and I've printed out lots of triangles for my Pies and Tarts quilt! It went so easy...oh what a way to must check it out!!!!!
Inklingo     Linda Franz is amazing, and so is the wonderful Yahoo group for Inklingo that is so helpful!!!!

See how great my pies and tart triangles printed out? And all those perfect points and registration marks!!!! I love these!!!