Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my wonderful followers and my friends and beautiful family. I feel so blesssed to have the most wonderful daughter and two special granddaughters that anyone could have. I have an amazing husband and brothers and sisters that are there for each other always. I have a sister in law and brother in law that are the most supportive in laws !Friends, I would never be able to tell you how many wonderful friends I have. I am just the luckiest woman alive!!! Thank you all for being you!
I've been out of commission for a few days with back problems that make take a little while to get through but I did get one little project worked on, now it's hand piecing only for a while!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Time to get back to the Studio

I couln't resist this pair on sale.

I won this gorgeous jelly roll and pattern from Jillily Studios in henry Glass blog tour before Christmas, isn't it just gorgeous? Thanks Jill! 

My sister in law made this for me, isn't it gorgeous!
Got this beauty from my sister. Love it!

Me and three of my sisters
Well Christmas is just about over. Eveyone loved their quilty gifts. had a great time with all the family in Niagara. Only problem is I now am suffering with a huge case of Sciatica!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Well Christmas is almost here, and I think I'm about ready! Got all the sewing done, all the wrapping done. The baking done and packed up!!! So I spent a little time in the studio, working on the guild BOM and a little pilot baby cap. We will be heading to Niagara for a few days to spend the holidays with all the family!

Aren't these fabrics Gorgeous!!!If you want to enter a giveaway to win these  fat quarters, head on over  to retromummy .

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas in the Studio

These are the bags I made to wrap some of my Christmas Gifts in!

I make my bother a French Press Cozy every year!!!

75 yds of Batting and 75 yds of flannel for the Charity quilts!
These are just a few of the things keeping me away from Blogging .

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Prize Winning Quilt

have you heard of The McCall's Quilting Quilt Design Star Contest? A facebook friend of mine and fellow Canadian is one of the final eight. In fact she won the last round with her "A New Horizon" I just love this quilt.
You can't vote in the next round yet, but you can go over to  The Quilting Gallery
now to vote for it, as she has entered it into this weekend's virtual quilt contest. I WANT to make this quilt one day!!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's all Begun!!!!

I've been like everybody else I guess, busily getting ready for Christmas doing all my sewing and quilting. In the middle of gift preparations, our charity quilting group came up short for boys, age 8 -14, so I did one of those too!!! Our guild meeting is Tuesday night, so I had to work on the BOM  too!!! I caan't show you lots but this is my BOM done except for quilting. I really like how it turned out!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Niagara Again

This is one of the quilts I was commisioned to make for the Baby shower!
This is the quilt I made for baby!!!
Just got back from a lovely few days in my "home town", saw lots of family and had a lovely time!!! Went to me Grandaughters High School Commencement and my Nieces Baby Shower! Loved every minute with my loved ones!!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

My New favorite Piece of Furniture

Wow, I couldn't believe when I found these a few weeks ago. I bought them when we went to Niagara, but we'd only brought the car, so a few weeks later my Sister in Law and Brotherin Law brought them up in their truck! They are big but I bought two, aren't they just gorgeous????

Friday, October 29, 2010

Life in The Fast Lane!!!

Yesterday, I went with Vicki and Barbara to visit our friend Mary who has been laid up with a broken ankle. She lives on a lake, so what a view we had. We took lunch and our sewing stuff and had a lovely visit. You could tell she was VERY happy to see us. I think we really brought her spirits up! Mary is a pattern designer (Country Angel Designs), and she gave us each a copy of her new pattern. It's called Bootyful......just the cutest thing. It's a pattern for a quilted boot (2 sizes), that you can put a little present in!!! I can see sew many possibilities for this pattern. The small one, would hold something like a small jar of home made preserves, and the larger one could hold a plant or a jar of baby items. can't wait to make one! If you'd like to purchase a copy of this pattern, you can contact me or Mary or 1-888-511-1879.

We went to Ottawa to get a new TV today, then I came home to do a little long over due house work. Now wasn't that fun??? After a quick dinner and a visit with Hubby, I went to the Studio!!! AHHH. Made a couple more gifts to take along with me when I go to visit family in a week or so! I'm saving thos pictures till after I go, as I don't want anyone to see them that shouldn't be seeing them!! I've got a sneaky little (big)family you see!!! I will be attending a graduation for my Granddaughter Megan and a baby shower for my niece Erin. Can't wait to see everybody. My daughter has moved so I get to see her new place and take some goodies for her too!!
One of my little gifts made!!
Have a great weekend everyone and keep on quilting!!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Lots Of Finishes!

Don't you just love this for a round table?
I love all three colors of theses drapes, and they're lined with Blackout!!!
Wow, don't you just love it when you're getting things done?? 2 Baby Quilts that I can't show you yet. 3 sets of blackout lined drapes for my daughters new place. A 34 inch table centerpiece that I just love, and today I have a king size quilt on the frame!!! Now to get to work!! LOL

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Camera Died!!!

Hi Everyone, I've been putting off posting, cause my camera died!!! I hate posting without photos! I received my Breakfast at Tiffany's today so I can start to cut out my blocks for my Circle quilt! I've had two men in  my life for a while now, Paul was visiting from Australia, Pauline couldn't come this year as she couldn't get time off from her new job, but I handled Terry and Paul pretty well I think! We did a little visiting and a lot of eating and teasing. I sure did miss Pauline though!!! Hope you enjoy these  pictures from our site seeing. (Actually most are in our yard or in our little town!!!)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Breakfast at Tiffany's Whirlygig

Don't you just love these blocks. It's really an old fashioned block that I wanted to do as my hand piecing project for this winter. I've looked for the pattern everywhere, (the above is an applique from Piece o Cake designs)but I want hand pieced. While at retreat last week, my friend Pt had the templates!!!! She made them recently from a very old Quiltmakers magazine!!!! She gave me her templates and I came home and ordered the Breakfast at Tiffany's layer cake with extra yardage from Over the Rinbow!!! So mine will have a very delicate romantic look! Hand piecing project.......!!! Yahoo!!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Home from an amazing Retreat!

Barbara getting her first Applique lesson from Pat!

Stephanie taking a little break from sewing!!

One of Lois' sets of placemats!

Betty and Pat, in deep discussion!!

Marilyn's gorgeous Tablerunner!

Lois, making one of many sets of placemats. She
taught us how and we all made a set! 

Barbara's rustic "man" quilt!

Vicki with her rabbit in soft florals.

This was the full size quilt I completed at the retreat!
Just got home from an amazing retreat with some wonderful ladies!!! Food was great, got lots done and shared some great times. Here's just a few pictures!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Off to retreat Again

I've been away. Went with a friend to Parry Sound to have my one year checkup on my knee replacement.  We had a lovely drive up and back with warm sunny weather and good news on our knees. Sharon does need her second knee done, but will try to hold off with medication for a while. I passed with flying colours! This was a little place we stopped at along the way.
Tomorrow I leave for four days, three nights in Morrisburg Ont for our fall retreat!!! Yeah!!!
My hubby builds old cars (hot rods) and look what his newest project will be!!! A 1931 Ford Model A !!! How fun is that???
See you after retreat, gotta go and get my projects ready!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Accuquilt Go Overload

I don't know if I'm the only one, but frankly......I'm on Accuquilt Go Overload!!!
 A first it was okay but frankly, I enjoy going to Quilters blogs and reading what they're doing...but this is just TOO much!!! Every second blog is sponsoring a giveaway...of course they get the Units from Accuquilt , free so we don't have to be brain surgeons to figure it out!!!! It's all about Accuquilt getting these EVERYWHERE!!!  Everybody and his brother has a Giveaway and it just keeps going on and on.....when are they going to stop pushing them in  our faces?? I'm sure it's a lovely item, but I don't want to pay that much and I don't want to enter a million giveaways and I don't want to start buying their dies!!!Let's face it they are giving away many many units...and they're not let's get everyone wanting them and then they have to buy the "dies"...and they ain't cheap either!!! Me thinks it sounds like the razor know, sell the shaver cheap and then of course you have to buy the blades Overpriced!! I want to go to a quilters blog and share some fun stuff,  but frankly lately I think big business is taking over the blogs I so enjoyed sharing with. I guess I can say it....Accuquilt is spending their advertising money through blogs...and I think there are some of us who are just sick of it!! I want  Accuquilt to advertise the way other business' do and stop thinking we're so stupid that we don't see a brazen take over of quilting blogs by big business. I guess we just have to say how we feel sometimes and that's my say for today!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Thanks so much!!!!

I thought I'd work on a few Pillow cases for Christmas, and found a "new" pattern  from one of the big sites. I can tell you I was quite upset to see the finished size does not even cover the end of the pillow. (See the white sticking out?) So I had to redisn somthing that works betterr!!!
Here is a little project I'm working on, can't show you more as it's a surprise. Later on!!!Thanks to all my friends , I won this weeks Quilting Gallery Contest. Thanks so much for voting!!! I'm trying to get things in order. Wednesday my friend and I are heading to Parry Sound. We will drive up, stay overnight, then first thing in the morning, we see our Orthopedic Surgeon. We'll turn around and drive back on Thursday!!! It's a long way to visit your ortho Doc but he is a great doctor ! I'm having my one year check up after my knee surgery. Sharon is having her three year checkup. I have to see if there are any quilt shops along the way!! I come home Thursday night, Saturday a.m. will go to the States for a little Joann's shopping . Then Monday we go to retreat!!! yeah, can't wait!!!!