Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friends, Friends and More Friends!!

Yes, I'm truly blessed with lots of friends!!! but boy can they be a pain in the A$$!! LOL They are forcing me to update my blog, like everyone out there in Blogland is sitting on pins and needles waiting for little ole me to update my blog!!! Okay my sweeties, it's hasn't been a month but here goes!!!!!

My 10 minute block as a sample for my Bubbles Quilt, in the works!!!

BOM # 3 in progress!

A project that's been in the works for a VERY long time!

Kathy and her very first quilt, made for the Charity Quilters!

Working on my BOM # 3!

Dave had a bad shoulder, so Terry did a little tree trimming!

Lot's of time for Cocktails!

Don't ya just love the birds of Florida?

Terry feeding the birds!

Nikki and Dave, our hosts, in Venice Florida!

Our friends Marylynn and John had rented a house in Venice for their 40th anniversary, so we got to meet up with them too!

Come on Terry, all men have to have a pair of Orange polyestor shorts in florida!!! LOL

We even stopped in a pawn shop in florida, the boys were checking out the guns! Wouldn't see this in Canada!!1 

Dave, Nikki, ruth and Terry , on the boardwalk in Venice!

Nikki and Dave's cute house in Venice FL, spent a week here!!!!
Last monday, I had my knee arthroscopic surgery, so I've been sitting with my knee elevated and iced. getting a little bit done on my pies and tarts! Hope you've all been as busy as me!!! Hee Hee