Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Only a Log Cabin could bring me back to my Blog

I Have been meaning to write this blog post for a long time! It seems my posts are going to be few and farther between!  There's a reason for this..... I took over the program chair for our local quilt guild , and boy is it a BIG job!!!So I decided some thing had to suffer and I guess it was going to be the blog! So I wanted to come here and let my followers know what was going on. Well I kept procrastinating......until this weekend when I got the e mail from Fons and Porter asking me to review their new free e book...well after seeing some other blogs this week, I realized they sent it to a lot of bloggers! I had to be the RIGHT one the challenge that I chose for the guild this year was.....Log Cabin Revisited!!! So I was so eager to see this free book, and I can tell you, it is absolutely amazing!!!!As well as some fantastic info and samples of  different types of Log cabin Blocks and it's free!! So without further ado, go here to get your free copy! Enjoy , enjoy, enjoy!!!!