Monday, June 28, 2010

Early Bird Christmas Crafting!!

Well the first month of the early Bird Christmas Crafting is almost over, I was able to get 24 mini gifts made and my Christmas Journal. so much fun and look how close I am to getting my Christmas Gift Box filled!!!
Here are pictures of my goodies, done....three knitted dishclothes, six lavender sachets, three little green grocer bags, six make up bags, two journal covers, two reward card wallets, two mini pillowcases (for travel pillows) and my Christmas journal makes a total of twenty five! Yeah...easy and fun making things with the other participants....I'm off to check out their blogs to see whatevery one else has done....oh, the wicker trunk is my Family room coffee table and the plce where I keep my goodies!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Quilting day out!!!

Yesterday was kind of cloudy and rainy but we headed out on our trip to Battersea, a quiet little town near the Big Rideau lake. There was a quilt show at an old church in this small village, and since it was advertised as their last, a few of us decided to head out!!!! It was just so much fun, we took the back roads to our destination, about an hour and a half away! What a beautiful drive, across old one lane bridges and by cottages along the lakes, and beautiful gardens! Here are a few of the pics at the show!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Earth Quake

Yes we had an earthquake right here in Perth!!! (Ontario) It registered 5.0 on the Richter Scale , everybody was talking about it, I guess it rumbled pretty good. DH was in the shop and everything rattled!!! Guess where I was>>>>>having lunch at an outdoor patio for my friend's Birthday! We didn't feel a thing!
Here's one of the things I'm working on right now, so much fun ....quilting with a Big Stitch and perle cotton. Love how it's turning out! Hopefully it's one of my Christmas presents!

Monday, June 21, 2010

More Christmas??

Okay, I know, I know, but I'm really killing two birds (or three) with one stone!!!! Four years ago, I was involved in a Christmas fat Quarter Swap on Facebook. twelve people, twelve fat quarters. Only problem is , they then said we had to make something out of them!!!! Geez, what's that all about. Most of the participants have finished and since I'd hate to be last...( that competitve thing)!!
So this is whaat I'm doing...making blocks out of the FQs and I'll make some tablerunners or placemats for my Christmas early Bird Fun and I'll have a couple more gifts made!! Hee hee
We went out to our favorite pub the other night and my friend Kathy was there....look what she had worked on that day....This was done with Shiva paints!!!! Can you believe that?? Gorgeous!!!
The bottom picture is my little Darling Micky (on the right), every once in a while the neighbour's dog comes down for a visit!! His name is Gushue!!!If you're a Canadian or a Curler you'll know where the name comes from! They have a ball together!!!
Gotta run and make brownies....tomorrow is last night of Guild.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Who's Watching You???

Do you ever wonder "why am I writing this blog"...well to tell you the truth, I don't really say that myself, but I have heard it said...and especially if you don't have a lot of comments to your posts?? Well I'm here to say, I won't ever feel that way! It seems every where I go...I meet people who say "Oh I so enjoy seeing pics of your quilts"...whether it be on Facebook or my blog...and it really got me to many people are passing through, and don't leave a comment or don't know how to become a follower,and still enjoy looking and or reading  your blog and or Facebook quilting pages. For me , I'm especially thinking that since I sign my e mails with my blog address and my Guild Newsletter editor listed my blog in the Newsletter!! So for today, I'm going to post some pictures that mean a lot to me , or just fun stuff, so to all my silent followers...Love ya, and thanks for stopping by!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Early Bird Christmas Crafting!!

When I do get a little time in the studio, I try to get a few more little Christmas things done...I did these cute little bags out of Moda Sweetwater Authentic, one of my favorite fabrics!! Then I made some little lavender sachets. Love getting these things done. I'm trying to do these little things at the same time as doing drapes for the bedroom, making a covered bench for the walk in closet and repairing Mr Piston Head's Jeans!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Charity Quilting

Here are some of our latest quilts made for our charity, children in  care with Children's Aid Society and others in need. I'm still working on little Christmas goodies, made these two simple Compostion book covers.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Christmas Goodies in the Works!!!

What, you say, it's only June, I know, I know, but I signed up with Judith from The Creative Studio....for the Early Bird Christmas Crafting...Look what I made up last night...these three little "green" bags. I made it from some fabric I had prequilted a while back. Aren't they cute?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Figgy Pudding , I never gave up on You!!!

Have you ever fallen in love with something, and didn't follow your heart??? That's what happened to me last year ...fell in love with Figgy Pudding by Basic Grey for Moda. I also fell in love with the free pattern. I thought at the time, "Oh, I fall in love with lots of lines (mostly Moda), it will pass, and I really don't want to buy all that fabric for a "Christmas" Quilt!!!! I never fell "out " of love without last week I decided to go ahead and try to find it. (Don't you just hate that all the fabric companies now make the lines for such a short time).So today my first  group of Figgy Pudding arrived from Alaska!!! Told ya I had to search everywhere!!! I also got my first copy of my Quilter's Connection, a totally Canadian Quilt Magazine! Life is good!!! I think the Early Bird Christmas Crafts program, has really got me into the spirit of Chrismas!!! I even got my Chrismas Journal made up!!!!And the sneaky little devil, Judith is following us pretty closely so I'd better post a picture of it!!! LOL

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Early Bird Christmas Crafting!!

I've decided to Join Judith's Early Bird Christmas Challenge,( the link is on the left). She keeps us on our toes , I'll tell ya!! I havn't finished my Journal yet but I did make these little Reward card wallets . was a free pattern at Joypatch.   Yeah, I've started my Christmas sewing!!!
Today I spent a lovely day with my Charity quilting group for a pot luck luncheon. Tomorrow is wednesday so it's Sewlmates!!! Love my life!!!