Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Design Wall

Well I took a couple of pictures of the two quilts I finished piecing and thought I'd show off a little. this first one is the yellow blocks I had done a couple years for a BOM, as I finished these, I realized this BOM was not for me, and there was now way I would ever finish that pattern, so I decided to use them for something else. What on earth does one do with Yellow and pink blocks???? What was I thinking?? Well I made a few of another block trying to put some pink and yellow fabric together but it was really washed out against the originals...then I found this neat birdie fabric and it was just made for this quilt!!! I just added a border of the lime green and will make the binding in lime green too!! The great thing is my 10 year old granddaughter came into my studio and said..."I love that quilt"...Guess where this quilt will be going next Christmas??
The top scrappy quilt is a little thing I'm making for the local SPCA annual fundraiser, hope to do
a second!

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