Friday, April 23, 2010

jaybird quilts

Do you remember when I went to Lancaster to the AQS, a few weeks ago? Well at a dinner there, a bunch of Facebook friends got together to meet up for fun. At that dinner, I met a cute little thing....Julie of Jaybird Quilts. (Mishka of the Quilting Gallery brought her along). Well, I must tell you ...I have often been called the Planner, Leader, Organizer, Queen, the Grand Poobah....I seem to always put myself in charge. I think I should have been an event organizer!! Hee Hee!! Anyway, when we met, I can tell you I was speechless!!! I met my match!!! She's like my little girl!!! This whirlwind took my breath away!!! Nobody could be believe my reaction to this little Hurricane!!!! Anyway, we have become fast friends and I can't wait till we meet up again!!!
But I have some great news.....she has been published before ...but she just found out her quilt made the COVER of the BHG summer edition of Quilts and More!!! I am so proud of my little Quilting Friend!!! yay Julie!!!


Mary Lynn said...

I noticed this on Julie's wall too! WOW!! Congratulations to Julie and 'jaybird quilts.' I know this little has a very BRIGHT future! GO JULIE GO! I was so happy meet Julie, to be a part of the Lancaster BAG LADIES and attend the meal at Miller's!! Same time next year!

jaybird said...

thanks so much for all the love & support ruth!!

Joy V said...

Looks like great fun was had.. Love the shoes on the cover of the mag!!!