Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Time to get back to the Studio

I couln't resist this pair on sale.

I won this gorgeous jelly roll and pattern from Jillily Studios in henry Glass blog tour before Christmas, isn't it just gorgeous? Thanks Jill! 

My sister in law made this for me, isn't it gorgeous!
Got this beauty from my sister. Love it!

Me and three of my sisters
Well Christmas is just about over. Eveyone loved their quilty gifts. had a great time with all the family in Niagara. Only problem is I now am suffering with a huge case of Sciatica!


Nanci said...

After the mess of making four aprons a few days before Christmas, I went to the quilting disaster this morning!
I found one of my favourite fabrics that I thought I'd used up, lots of black I didn't know I had and lots and lots of Christmas fabric that I never thought I'd use, except this year after looking at all the fun stuff made by quilters, I must look for some sale items to complete some projects this coming year....I do love MODA fabrics...looks like the sisters had lots of fun in Niagara...

Christine M said...

I hope your sciatica goes away soon. You will just have to sit and rest and spend that time with your sewing. You couldn't possibly do any housework or cooking!

Anonymous said...

Okay Missy no sewing machine work for you!That will NOT help you sciatica!!! Slow and easy is the order of the day. I am happy you and family had such a good time with all those lovely gifties!!!
The fabric is gorgeous!!! Yummy!!