Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Time for Organizing

Not my place but a good idea for organization!!!

That's how I feel right after New Years, how about you?  I started by organizing my digital photos!! Now there's a job for's going to take a LONG time but I got started!!!! See I've got some time these days as I'm spending a lot of time icing and heating due to the sciatica....who new it takes so long to get rid of??? I havn't touched a sewing machine or even any hand sewing stuff..oh boy, I'm going to go into withdrawal soon!!! My Quilt Guild is having a stash sale later this month so I started to sort through some of my many fat quarters and arranging them in baggies. Tomorrow I will start sorting some  larger cuts. I also started  sorting through papers. It's definately time to make some room in the filing cabinet!!!
Tomorrow I head out to Community Caring Quilters to meet with the girls but I'm not going to overdo and will only stay an hour. I just had so much stuff belonging to the charity in my studio, I organized that and Terry put it all into the car for me! Oh, I almost forgot  I made files on my computer for some of the new BOM's starting this year! After writing all this down, I think I've been really busy!! Hee Hee, Terry and Micky and I have really had a lovely quiet time since boxing day!! Watched some hockey in the World Juniors....tomorrow...THE MOST IMPORTANT GAMES...Canadians and U.S. play!!!! OMG...what a rivalry!!!!

Go Canada GO!!!


SpinningStar said...'s a new year, so I think everyone thinks about cleaning up and organizing. I started with the digital pictures myself yesterday.

Sorry to hear about your back - a few years ago, I also got a case of sciatica - what pain! I sat on my bed and refolded my fabric stash. Sounds strange, but after several days of sitting on the soft surface, slowly stretching forward and to the sides to smooth out the fabric and fold it, I realized that my back was not hurting. So, check out some physical therapy and stretching exercises.


Nanci said...

I have a rule about dinner and went by the wayside last
when one is looking at organized people check out Hills Creek Quilter on my sidebar...she posted about a quilter who is truly the winner of the world of organized, and stash!
Hope your back is better too!

Mamie said...

Great blog Ruth, fine job, Im proud of you,,your so talented and now you can make this page as well,,,,good job well done.'

love from your favorite sister