Sunday, February 6, 2011

About to throw the Towel In

One thing I did get done, Table centerpiece!

Love the center quilting

Did piece this large quilt from a favorite fabric..Whimsey!!

Whimsey Close Up
I'm still having problems with back or knee...whatever it is!!!! It's been almost two months...but I'm not going to talk about it!!! Not much getting done around here, but I am working on my Rouinneries hand piecing quilt!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Miss Ruth, LOVE the quilting in the centre of the table topper!! Sorry about those horrible "owies". Take care Missy...oh, and if need be I will wheel you around Lancaster! :)

Nanci said...

I love the whimmsy fabrics, so warm and cute!
Hope your "knee" problems go away with some therapy and that it's not the hip, which can be sneaky in its pains.

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