Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Animals Animals Animals!!!

My life seems to revolve around animals , especially this last week! We went to st Thomas to spend a few days with our friends John and Marylynn, and also to meet up with Jean and Brendon from the UK, who were staying with John and Marylynn! Both the girls are great quilters, so of course we had to do a little Fabric shopping!!! And Eating!!!

Jean, Ruth, Ina, Marylynn and Gerrie
On Saturday we were having a lovely lunch with the boys and my cell phone rang!!!! Big surprise...I only have it for emergencies...and guess what???? The cows were out at home!!! Yup, 6.5 hours away from home and the cows were two concessions away and the neighbours couldn't get them home!!! So we packed up and headed home!!! It took till the next morning but Terry got them all home safe and sound!!! Geez!

 Micky came with us, here he is, going for a walk with Jean, got to the end of the sidewalk and thought he better come back in case Mom went somewhere without him!!
Today he went into the Vet to have a broken molar removed , well they removed that and two Incissors, and cleaned the rest of them! They have to put them out for this, and when we picked him up at 4:00, he was still stoned. So funny, we put him on the grass for a quick potty and he fell over!!! Lots of antibiotics and pain meds so I'm sure he'll be fine!!!
I've been sewing up a storm, making things to sell in the boutique at our quilt show coming up in August, and putting sleeves on the three quilts that I'll be showing!! So lots of stuff getting done. But boy is it hot!!!! Hope you're all having a good summer. Keep on quilting!


Victoria said...

About time Mickey got his face on your blog!!!!
Why didn't you call me to get the girls? I just might have surprised you..yeh, & me, too.

Anonymous said...

Dang, you can't seem to catch a break lately ...sheesh!
Glad you have the studio to keep you happy. I'll be lucky if I get a set of potholders finished LOL