Monday, September 26, 2011

And so it Starts!!!!

Well things are slowly starting to get back to normal after a very busy August and September!!!! Not much quilting done though!!!!
The studio looks pretty neat!!
A few friends came to sew on Sunday.....
The weather was gorgeous, so we sat out on the deck!!!

Last week we went to our QT , the first one of the year for the Guild, Betty's house is a little out in the country, on a lake, with a private laneway!!! This is what we met on the way in!!!! Not just these two but a whole herd passed right down the lane!! LOL

Today, my husband Terry, helped me, in the morning we cleaned all the windows and sills etc. In the afternoon, he rented a chain saw on a long wand,  (a tree trimmer). He cleaned up a lot of large dead branches in the front yard, was so good to see some of that come down!!!

While I was outside taking a few photos of the trees coming down, I couldn't help taking a couple of the early fall garden!!!!

This is the only thing I've been working on, a little at a time..I'm hoping to get some of my UFOs finished!!!

Tomorrow is our first Guild meeting of the year, and I'm really looking forward to it. Looking forward to finding out what the block of the Month is going to be like!!!
Hope all is well with you, my friends. Have a good week!!!

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Nanci said...

Hi Ruth: yes it is definitely fall in Ontario. I totally agree with the past weekend. We even saw people swimming in the lake! A bit of a stretch for this old body but still, it's fabulous weather.
We also have been doing windows, branches etc. getting ready for winter.
I need to start another project which my brain doesn't seem to want to compute. Maybe something simple for the homeless women would be good for my heart.