Sunday, May 20, 2012

Me and Inklingo

I've been asked by a lot of local quilters about my hand piecing adventures! My quilting growth has brought me to a love of hand piecing. Lots of people raise their eyes and say .."where do you get the patience?" but frankly hand piecing is FAST and RELAXING and you can do patterns that you could never do on the machine because of the intracasy. Once I found Inklingo it was even better!!! You can never make a mistake, the sewing lines are actually printed on the fabric pieces that you run through the computer!!! Amazing.
Here are just a few projects of mine done with Inklingo!

My Drunkards Trail on the design wall!

Some Sunflower blocks in progress.

Pies and Tarts quilted in a circular pattern

My friends working on my Ezechial's Wheel, this was not done with Inklingo but I sold this one so I'd like to do another using the Inklingo Dresdan Plate  Pattern.

Closeup of Pies and Tarts before being quilted.

This is my Pickled Clamshells that is now bordered and being hand quilted. 

My Sunflower quilt was pieced with scrappy French General, I found it a little busy so I'm working on a center medallion of a large sunflower block to break it up a little.

This is the sewing kit for my newest project, an Inklingo New York Beauty! I'm headed out to Quilt canada in Halifax soon, so this baby is going on the road with me!!!!I love Inklingo, try it Today.

I guess I should tell you that you can use Inklingo to sew by machine too, you don't need to paperpiece and those lines will still be there, the same as hand piecing. I guess, I'll just have to give it a try one of these days!! LOL


Sue said...

Oh I loved the pictures and I love Inklingo too. I think hand piecing is very relaxing and I actually like the fact that my projects take longer than by machine! I know that sounds strange, but what's the hurry these days with quilters? LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh Ruthie, I can not believe you have almost two more quilts done!!!
Absolutely amazing speed. AND they are soooo beautiful. You're a whiz Missy.

martha said...

Nice! I love your kit:0 so tidy and organized.

knitandpatch said...

Great pictures! I love your Drunkards Trail on the design wall, this will be a beautiful quilt.

Cathie in UT said...

Loved seeing all your successes with Inklingo...I am still in progress with my feathered star and one day I will get to post a "finished" project! LOL
Very clever to convert a floss box to a sewing kit

Cyn ;-) said...

Gorgeous quilts! I love INKLINGO, too. An amazing product.
Nifty idea for a sewing kit... may have to borrow that. lol

Denise Russell said...

Wow, your quilts are wonderful! I've visited Inklingo's website but have not tried their products yet. However, I may just have to rush and get some. I agree with you, hand piecing is very relaxing; but I think hand quilting is even better! :-)