Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dead Poets Society

That's what I feel this blog has become, but i don't sweat the small stuff! LOL
Oh well, I'll just post when I have time and when, I have something to say!!!
I havn't even posted pictures from the quilt show yet but anyway, you know I have to keep track of my quilts so.....I just found out my nephews new Baby is a girl!!!!!So, look at what I just printed and cut out!!!
I'm going to make a baby quilt for our little Henley with some wonderful Moda Vintage Modern that I've had waiting around for just the right project! Of course I'm making it using Inklingo, and took my inspiration from a free design on the Inklingo site, Cathi's 

......Emma's Butterfly Stars! Don't you just love the fabric I'm using???
I'll have to do this one, at the same time I'm working on my 1.5 inch Patchwork of the Crosses! Of course you know both of the quilts will be hand pieced using Inklingo !!!

Here's a picture of 5 of my blocks, the others have to have the white added! My question here, if you can see, I've put in 5 different colours for backgrounds. Any idea which one or what other colour I should use. I'd love your feedback!!!!
So if you want to make a great quilt the easy way, check out 
Inklingo .


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I think the blue - either one looks great to me - but that is just my opinion - just found your blog from your facebook post :) I will add you to my reader.

lcscottage said...

At this point, I am thinking blue too.

Patti MacKinnon said...

I go with the blue on the lower right. Not too bright, but not too dark either...

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