Friday, October 29, 2010

Life in The Fast Lane!!!

Yesterday, I went with Vicki and Barbara to visit our friend Mary who has been laid up with a broken ankle. She lives on a lake, so what a view we had. We took lunch and our sewing stuff and had a lovely visit. You could tell she was VERY happy to see us. I think we really brought her spirits up! Mary is a pattern designer (Country Angel Designs), and she gave us each a copy of her new pattern. It's called Bootyful......just the cutest thing. It's a pattern for a quilted boot (2 sizes), that you can put a little present in!!! I can see sew many possibilities for this pattern. The small one, would hold something like a small jar of home made preserves, and the larger one could hold a plant or a jar of baby items. can't wait to make one! If you'd like to purchase a copy of this pattern, you can contact me or Mary or 1-888-511-1879.

We went to Ottawa to get a new TV today, then I came home to do a little long over due house work. Now wasn't that fun??? After a quick dinner and a visit with Hubby, I went to the Studio!!! AHHH. Made a couple more gifts to take along with me when I go to visit family in a week or so! I'm saving thos pictures till after I go, as I don't want anyone to see them that shouldn't be seeing them!! I've got a sneaky little (big)family you see!!! I will be attending a graduation for my Granddaughter Megan and a baby shower for my niece Erin. Can't wait to see everybody. My daughter has moved so I get to see her new place and take some goodies for her too!!
One of my little gifts made!!
Have a great weekend everyone and keep on quilting!!!!

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