Friday, August 31, 2012

I’m now trying to use Windows Live Writer on my Blog!

Well here goes nothing!!! LOl

I’m trying out Windows Live

Writer. I found a tutorial, here.

on, @home Take 2! So I’m

trying it out, so far so good.

Check it out fellow bloggers!

below you’ll see an amazing

quilt just finished by a friend

of mine. She’s an amazing

appliquer. Some day I just may

try it too.





Nanci said...

Oh, this is a beauty Ruth. We are all so different in the world of blogging are we not?
Love the eye candy that is there for all of us. This is a good one.

quilton said...

I use Live Writer. Love it. I can do so much more to spruce up my blog using it.
Lovely quilt. I'm not an appliquer unless its fusible. I do love easy.