Thursday, September 27, 2012

Shipshewana Indiana Trip

 I'm back! It seems like I've been on the go most of the summer! All fun though!!!! Here are some pics from a recent bus trip I took with friends to Shipshewana Indiana!
Mine's free , is yours Elaine?
On the Bus

Marylynn got a hangover from these! LOL
Didn't she Ina?

Colleen's biting her nails, but those border guards can't scare Shannon! Now get off that bus, you bunch of Terrorist Quilters!

Let's relax and have a bottle of wine! ( Hey, they're on my bed!)

The floral quilt gardens were amazing!

Amazing Barn Quilts!

dahlia Gardens, WOW!!!!

Lots of new friends made!

In a quilt design shop.

This quilt was just amazing!
Lots of places like this!

Lollys amazing quilt shop!
We went back to the bus in style after we visited Lollys for the fourth time!

Lots of Amish at the Market.
The three Musketeers Back together again!
Now do you really think we had a good time? From left to right, Marylynn, Elaine, Ruth(me), Ina, Shannon, and Colleen. 

A boatful of Remnants. Thanks for the great time Girls. Let's do it again real soon!


Denise Russell said...

Wow! It sounds like you guys had a ton of fun! My newest dream bed: a remnant bed!!!

Nanci said...

You just have too much fun! Travelling, eating, and shopping! Life is pretty good for you!

marcy said...


what's up with the matching slippers?! I want to make some. I love slippers.

Can you tell more more about the pattern?


Mary from Ohio said...

Wow, I'm jealous! It looks like you had a GREAT time! Been PAST there a million times on I-80 and vow someday to spend time in Indiana's Amish quilt shops!

MLB said...

Just saw these Ruthie! Love them! Brings back some great memories... Can't wait for the next bus trip! :)