Friday, July 23, 2010

Life on the Road!

We were off  for a lovely break, a few days at the Syracuse Nationals car Show and then on to the ocean in Maine. this is the first time we camped  together beyond going to car shows! My Honey is a real home body!!! What a great time we had. After the show we even got to stop at a few quilt shops. went to keepsake Quilting in New Hampshire and Mardens Salvage Store in Maine. ( They even  carry fabric , here's a few of our pictures!!!


Riel said...

Oooohh Mardens. I LOVE Marden's. I am a Canadian too, in NB, and there is a Marden's just 1.5 hours from us. About 90% of my fabric is from there. The prices and quality are amazing!

Riel said...
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