Saturday, August 28, 2010

The End?????

The CHallenge Item for this month...a heart Keepsake item. This one sure fits the Bill. I called it Words of Wisdom, a gift for my Darling Granddaughter Megan who graduates High School this year. The heart is a Jenny of Elefantz design.
The Finished Quilt
Quilting The Quilt
5 Canada Toques

I cannot believe August is almost finished, the unofficial "end" of summer. I almost didn't have tome to get my stuff posted. August ends almost a day earlier over in Oz!!!

One more thing if you havn't voted for my quilt on the Quitling Gallery weekly contest, will you PLEEEEase go and vote, and leave a comment on the previous message for a chance at a great giveaway!!!

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Judith Tetley said...

Love your special heart design for your family...well done!
Kind Regards