Monday, August 30, 2010

We've Got a Winner and you won't Believe it!!!

Sometimes I think my life is so weird!! For those of you that know me in can attest to that!! Hee Hee.... Well if you remember that the last time I had a giveaway...I couldn't figure out how to use that Random generator...well I've figured it out but now I want to post a pic of does everyone else do that??? Well anyway...the winner was #8!! Can you believe that????The winner was Mishka of The Quilting Gallery! How weird is is what she said.........Your quilt is so pretty Ruth. There are so many gorgeous ones. I haven't decided which one I'm voting for yet, it's too hard!! LOL      I am a follower tho. :)Thanks for promoting my contests.
can you believe that .......?
                              My Wierdness!!!   We have motors in our yard! I think I'm as weird as that little feller above!!!

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