Thursday, April 14, 2011

My First Try at Inklingo

Well I've done it, finally started my first Inklingo project and I can tell you I LOVE it!!!!! It was so hard to decide which project to start with but I decided on the Pies and Tarts!!!! I'm only working on the pies and tarts so far, as the background fabric , I chose, I didn't like and am now waiting for the fabric I reordered to arrive. It's all hand piecing and I'm really enjoying it! You print the shapes sout on the computer copier and it includes, cutting lines, sewing lines and registration points! Can you just imagine that??? I don't know what project to do next, sunflowers or pickled clamshells?? What do you think???

There's lots of free stuff with Inklingo too, so if you're interested, go over and check it out! Inklingo


Sue said...

There are so many to choose from! I love inklingo and use it as well. Right now, I'm using the 1" hexagons patterns for my Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt. I wouldn't want to use anything else as I just love inklingo! Makes everything so much easier and enjoyable...especially when hand-piecing!

Your pies and tarts look great!

Victoria said...

What do you mean..."which one?"
Do them both!! I could not begin to choose one! They are both terrific.
You sure got a lot done on your Pies & Tarts!

Anonymous said...

Holy Holy mackinoley!!! I can NOT believe how many you have done so far ... and by hand no less. You are faster than the sewing machine, Ruth. The pieces ALL look great. I agree with them both. At the rate you are going, they'll all be done by the end of summer. Amazing work, Miss Ruthie!!