Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Worst Blogger in the World!

Here it is before the final border went on the bottom and top. 
All three rows.
Was going to add the beige border but didn't think it worked. 
Yup, that's me!!! Well I finally got my French General quilt finished piecing, my wonderful friend offered to mark it for me, for quilting by hand! I will do a little on it, and a few friends are going to put stitches in it, but mostly it will be done by the lovely ladies at our local United Church! Can you believe there are still Church groups around that do quilting to make money for their churches? Amazing!

Well now that, that baby is pieced, and we have plans for a week in Florida, before I go to hospital for arthoscopic surgery on my knee on May 9th.........I figured I better get another hand piecing project planned ! So guess what...I took my first foray into Inklingo....and I've printed out lots of triangles for my Pies and Tarts quilt! It went so easy...oh what a way to go.....you must check it out!!!!!
Inklingo     Linda Franz is amazing, and so is the wonderful Yahoo group for Inklingo that is so helpful!!!!

See how great my pies and tart triangles printed out? And all those perfect points and registration marks!!!! I love these!!!


Joanne said...

Stunning!! I love the FG fabric.
Off to check out the Inklingo link.♥

Anonymous said...

Finally, you showed everybody the gorgeous quilt top. I was wondering if you were going to hide forever!! LOL

Nanci said...

Your surgery is for the other knee right? Not the one that you had done last year?
Love the fg fabric as well, must see about the Inklingo. thanks for the infor.

Anonymous said...

Tapping my foot impatiently ;)
So now that you have Inklingo....aren't you going to give us all a sneak peak?!?!?!?! LOL