Monday, September 27, 2010

Thanks so much!!!!

I thought I'd work on a few Pillow cases for Christmas, and found a "new" pattern  from one of the big sites. I can tell you I was quite upset to see the finished size does not even cover the end of the pillow. (See the white sticking out?) So I had to redisn somthing that works betterr!!!
Here is a little project I'm working on, can't show you more as it's a surprise. Later on!!!Thanks to all my friends , I won this weeks Quilting Gallery Contest. Thanks so much for voting!!! I'm trying to get things in order. Wednesday my friend and I are heading to Parry Sound. We will drive up, stay overnight, then first thing in the morning, we see our Orthopedic Surgeon. We'll turn around and drive back on Thursday!!! It's a long way to visit your ortho Doc but he is a great doctor ! I'm having my one year check up after my knee surgery. Sharon is having her three year checkup. I have to see if there are any quilt shops along the way!! I come home Thursday night, Saturday a.m. will go to the States for a little Joann's shopping . Then Monday we go to retreat!!! yeah, can't wait!!!!


Nanci said...

Wow, Parry Sound! That's quite a ways for sure!
Oh I have a cousin who is a state manager for Joann's in PA...I must make him my favourite.
Hope you don't get the rain in your drive...

Anonymous said...

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