Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I love Mail!

I love mail. I've been getting way too much though!!! (A swap, I'll tell you about later!!!!) Today I got some fabric I've been wanting for a long time !! I'm so in love with fabric with "words". I bought some "Authentic" and some "Make Life"....and even a little Rural Jardin Charm pack...and it was all on sale!!!

Then I went into town and bought fabrics for my quilt that I'm working on!! Great day!!!

This is a picture of my post and beam house, we did the kitchen painted the cupboards a couple years ago, and even though I like the colour of the dining area, (red) I think I wnat to paint it lighter..OH NO!!! Have to make new Romans too. We tried aqua and country blue but it just doesn't work...so I decided on "Fisherman's Net"...LOL...we'll see how that looks!!!


Joy V said...

Excuse my ignorance - after all I am from 'downunder' - but tell me what colour is 'Fishermens Net'? lol
By the way I love the red.

jaybird said...

good mail is right!!! i love all the fabrics with the text from sweetwater!