Sunday, May 16, 2010

What Could this be????

My house looks like a cyclone hit it!!! I have swap blocks everywhere...from a swap I organized on facebook, a signed block swap!!! Tomorrow my two friends marylynn and Irene are coming by to help me organize everything!!!
In the middle of it all we decided to paint our dining area......I loved the brick red but it just made everything so dark....the "fisherman's net" is going to be so much better!!


Anonymous said...

Even though the red was "rich"... this is sooo much brighter! Good call Miss Ruth.

mary said...

I love the red but understand how dark it can be. Right now my dining room is kindof a burnt orange. Thanks for visiting my blog.

jaybird said...

swap invasion!!! i've got 140+ people's swap blocks arriving over the next month... i guess i should prepare myself!