Monday, May 31, 2010

We've got a Winner, actually two!!!

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments everyone. Looks like just pointing out Jennifers quilt on The Quilting Gallery's blog for the contest, worked!!!She won hands down.Congratulations Jennifer and Thanks for all the comments everyone. You must check the contest out each week, the quilts are posted on Friday and voting is Till sunday midnight eastern time! great Prizes too. Now I've got a little gift to send off to my giveaway winner. Again, since I can't figure out the random generator, I went over to facebook, and the last friend that had updated status, ....asked her to give me a number...Judy Whitehead gove me number the winner is Doris...who said......Definately the most interesting quilt in the competion, thanks for sharing with us the link that enabled us to see these quilts. So Doris please send me your info as your blog profile is set to Private so I can't reach you till you reach me. If I don't hear from Doris by wednesday night, I'll choose another winner.
The above pictures are of a day out with quilting friends, I want even try to explain!!! LOL


Anonymous said...

Well, Miss Ruth, I just about tinkled, when I saw what was on your chest!!!! Hilarious!

Sewlmate Sister said...

Oh Pat, I should have known you'd catch that!!! LOL