Sunday, September 5, 2010

Another Great Tutorial!!!

Huge bags, perfect for carrying books in bag
 and 4  pockets on outside for smaller stuff.

Inside of purple bag

Love these buttons. Purple (her favorite color)

Made with Gold Upholstery fabric
Inside of Gold Bag
Perfect Slouchy Book Bag Tutorial
I made these two bags for my special girls, Laura and Megan , my Grandgirls. One is entering Niagara College and one going into Grade 11. The bags are a wonderful large size. Made of Corduroy or upholstery fabric so no interlining required, just a lining. These go together so quickly. Fun too! A fantastic Tutorial can be found Here. If you make one let me know. These are going to be really popular with the older school crowd!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kid, those bags really turned out nice. I am sure the girls will LOVE them!!

Sewlmate Sister said...

Thanks sweety!

Nanci said...

I wish I'd seen this before my girl went to Ottawa U. I'm going to try and make one for her. I agree this is definitely for older more sophisticated people! I could use one too!